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This is the substance of all the foregoing: Gain. And don’t think we’re referring exclusively to money. Or only to our own Gain. Quite otherwise. Galbiati Customers gain time, productivity, tranquillity and reliability with regard to their own customers. We gain esteem, trust and a good reputation.

Enjoy Trust

You reinforce your customers’ trust because with our reliability we help you to keep your own promises.

Savour Gratification

Do what you like: with our production elasticity we can fully satisfy your requirements. Make the most of the time gained from Produttivitàhaving a single trustworthy partner.

Gain Serenity

You can count on honest and competent consultancy for valid and concrete back up in the choice of what is really right for you.


Planning and programming growth and development with foresight is an act of Genius. Forming and training each individual collaborator is a work of Genius. Involving the whole staff in pursuing a common Goal is an act of Genius. And the greatest act of Genius at Galbiati is that what is written gets done. Really done. Yes, because we are concrete and favour action over words.

Good idea

We’ve given Galbiati Customers excellent reasons for being fully satisfied with what we supply, improving even further the value and quality of our production. Increase in Customer productivity due to the absence of cuts in the materials, thus avoiding blockages in the subsequent work phases.

Reduction of work process times due to a lesser number of set ups, this thanks to external diameters up to 1800 mm. Edges without burrs, thanks to a clean and very high quality cut. Supply  of requested materials in very short times due to a high internal productivity capable of extreme workloads.


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