Galbiati: A bit of our History

Dates that have a deep meaning for us. The comments are brief, concise. Yes, because the history of a Company is as important as the foundations of a building, but when these are solid and well constructed it is more important to concentrate on what they are made to support. So we like to think of Today and even more of Tomorrow, while remembering our Yesterday with healthy entrepreneurial pride.


The Galbiati brothers set up Galbiati Srl which in the space of a few years made its name on the market, thanks to growth arising from precise and efficacious commercial policies.


Avant-garde at Galbiati. The 1.500 x 6 mm Production Line was installed. An important investment that turned out to be absolutely spot-on for achieving the ambitious objectives set by Management.


The Galbiati stable was now full, with total insertion of the new Galbiati generation into the Company.  In this way the Company could guarantee, also for the future, a continuity of the Values that lie behind its success, to the benefit of Customers, Suppliers and Collaborators.


Another challenge won. Galbiati Quality was justly acknowledged by Quality System Certification UNI EN ISO 9002, converted in 2001 to UNI EN ISO 9001.


Galbiati continued its expansion with an area of 8.000 square metres indoors on overall premises of more than 15.000 square metres.


Thirty years from foundation, the Dream has come true.

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