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To be the leading Group at national level for quality, reliability, products and service.

MissioneGreat in Galbiati takes on a far deeper meaning than the one we are accustomed to. In fact we aim at being the Greatest for Quality and Reliability rather than for size and number of staff.

We prefer Great Service and not merely a great space.

We work towards offering a Great Product, because this is the meaning we intend to give this word.

Galbiati is Great

At Galbiati we don’t rest on our laurels, not even when results are excellent, not even when they are extraordinary. It’s this strength that makes us Great. Hard work, real concreteness and iron will are called for to achieve the Goal mentioned on the first page: «to be the leading Group at national level for Quality, Reliability, Products and Service». These aren’t just words: it’s the objective we are achieving. Yes, because here at Galbiati there are people who work every day with great commitment to produce concrete results and with the strong determination of those who have chosen not to stand by and watch but to act. With decision.

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