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The Tracking System consists of a series of unique pieces of information that accompany the product from its entry into the warehouse as raw material through to final shipping preparations of the finished product. These are two different types of label, one standard and one in ODETTE format (EDI standard). The choice of label depends on each Customer’s specific needs.


Each label shows:

1. Date.
2. Galbiati’s item code.
3. Number and date of the order confirmation (which is the same as the production order).
4. Customer’s item code (managed through a specific software package).

5. Lot number (consisting of the current year, order confirmation number and progressive order-confirmation line number).
6. Customer’s company name.
7. Destination of the goods.
8. Type of material.
9. Quality Code.
10. Number that identifies the casting of the original material.  
11. Dimensions.

12. Label number, which identifies the card (consisting of: year, production load document number and progressive number of the document itself).
13. Number of strip or sheet.
14. Roll ID, i.e., an alphanumeric code that, together with the casting date, provides traceability along the entire production cycle.
15. Weight (in kg).

cartellino_odetteIn addition, ODETTE-format cards show:
number and date of the transport document (16);
reference to the Customer’s purchase order (17).

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