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It would be reductive to speak of a partnership when the thing that unites two Companies goes well beyond the economic factor. Because when we share Values, ideals, ways of thinking and of doing things we instinctively feel part of a Group. And this sharing, this natural synergy created, gives strength to growth, gives vigour to ongoing improvement, gives greater stimuli to achieving excellence in our work.


Two distinct Companies, Galbiati and Praim, united by the strong bond they share. It’s a question of mentality, a question of continuity, a question of common intent. And everyone who has relations with Galbiati draws enormous benefits from this strong bond. From the customer to the supplier, from the employee to the collaborator, everyone enjoys the acquired know-how and the opportunities that have arisen from this synergy. For Galbiati it means having an even more direct contact with the end user of its product, thus succeeding in always finding new solutions for improving our Customers’ work.

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